Simchat Torah Hakafot Booklet

After two years of production and testing, its here!

The front completely folds out so all the ata haraisas are together on one page, no need to flip back and forth each time. The same cover can be used as a bookmark to hold the place.

Tidbits through the Hakafos with interesting insights and "how-tos"

45 songs, songs are on the back page and flips out so you have most of them together on one page.

Includes Aleinu for the Evening and Sisu Vsimchu for the day time.

Size is tall and thin. No need to flip through hundreds of pages!

Every page is numbered!

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Simchas Torah Hakafos Booklet

Hakafot Guide
After 2.5 years of work, it's finally here!
- ata haraisa on one page as the front panel flips out! No back and forth (can also be used as bookmark)
- 45 songs. Song flap comes out so no need to lose your page or flip to sing along! With almost all songs on one page! 
- Rest of book all opens regularly as left and right
- Tall and thin, easy to hold in one hand, as minimal turning the pages as possible (while keeping a clear and large font)
- Tidbits and info interspersed along the pages, explaining what is going on along with additional "did you knows"
- aleinu and sisu vsimchu for night and day time!
- amazing quality printed, laminated cover and back 
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