Are you looking to print a calendar? We can take care of that for you!
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Generic Calendars - The least amount of work

Here is how it works.

1. You choose from a Pre-built template.

Art Calendar. Mivtzoim Calendar. Shul Calendar. Israel Calendar. Plain Calendar, Just Bottom. Some Samples are below

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Want to see it up close? Click on the links below 2. Pay a template fee of $250.

When ordering 1000+ calendars, this fee goes towards printing

FREE with template
We create an indesign file for you with your custom zmanim along with yarhtzeits and birthdays imported from our provided excel. You then personalize it, and send it back to use to make ready for full color print.

  • Includes your choice of a "generic" cover, from our 20 options
  • Your choice of inside pages for the rabbi's letter etc (set up blank for your customization)
  • Choose from any of our generic calendars or mix/match from that list (add a notepad, extend art across the page, or choose holiday info...any mix and match from the list)
  • Choose from your choice of 3 calendar bottoms
3. Optional: If you'd like, pay an additional customization fee of $500.

We will place all your business cards, customize your first 2 and last 2 inside pages (Rabbi's Letter, Program Page etc) from our large list of available options, Customize your cover from our list of Covers - both generic and custom, Customize your envelope, Choose from our many pages of pre-designed "Fillers" Plus all the above (under FREE) (based on 32 page calendar - extra pages additional)

Calendar Covers

We have over 20 cover options to choose from, below is a small selection

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Calendar Bottoms

We have 3 "generic" options to choose from, as seen below

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Extra "Filler" Pages

Every calendar comes with 4 extra pages to design as you please. We have some beautifully designed pages, which we include at no extra cost. See a small selection below

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Custom Covers

We also have a large selection of custom covers, many of which can be personalized for a small fee, or we can create your own!

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Calendar Printing

We offer printing all year round. When it comes to calendars, we are proud to offer

  • Sizes: 8.5x5.5, 8.5x11, 9x12, 9.5x13, or your custom size
  • Extra Features: Longer Flap on the cover, Foil Stamping, and Extra inserts, all available.
  • Paper Type: Standard 80# Self Cover, 100# Self Cover upgrade, Thicker 100# Cover, Glossy or Matte, UV Coating, all available.
  • Quantity: No Minimum Quantity needed for most sizes.
  • Mailing Services: We will mail for you. We can also stuff into envelopes, clear polybags, or whatever your custom need.
  • Turnaround: Our Standard Turnaround is 5-7 Business Days. However we have turned around calendars in as soon as 1-2 days when necessary!
  • Pricing: We are proud to have saved shluchim thousands of dollars of their custom calendars. You Do not need to design with us in order to print.

Custom Months

The Typical calendar runs from September to September. However we can change that for you.

Some have chosen to start in October or November, while others begin in January. Whatever You'd like, we can arrange that for you!

Custom Photo Calendars

Photo Calendars are a brilliant marketing piece, used to highlight programming throughout the year. It doesn't take that much "thought process" as some other custom calendars, yet delivers an effective punch that can be used as a fundraising piece throughout the year. Shluchim have used Photo Calendars to

  • Take the reader on a tour through the Chabad House Building
  • For schools, to feature what they have to offer (STEM,, FARBRENGENS, Community Impact, Physical Fitness, etc.)
  • Effectively communicate themes in yiddishket including but not limited to the Ten Mivtzoim, the 12 Psukim, Holidays, and General Jewish themes.
  • Show programming throughout the year
  • Highlight members of their community along with what Chabad means to them.

Below are some samples. If you'd like to see more, please email us

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Custom Program Calendars

The words "Custom Calendar" come in many variations. It can be as simple as a "Generic Calendar" in a custom size, or custom bottom, A mix of art, with program subtitles on the side, or it can be a full blown program guide.

We can't show it all. But we've chosen some calendars to feature below and give you a glimpse of the options out there. As always, don't hesitate to contact us and we can show you many more.

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Customize the Calendar to allow Extra Business Cards

What do you do when you have more business cards then a standard calendar can fit?

We can customize the grid however you would like. Add Business cards on top, or on bottom. See some examples below:

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