L'chaim Corrugated Box 7.35x6.25x2

This is a premium quality L’chaim corrugated box that is perfect for storing your Torahs, tefillin, or other Jewish items. White Storage Carton Packing Cardboard is perfect for storing and displaying your Judaica collection. This sturdy and attractive L’Chaim Corrugated Box is the perfect way to store or transport your Jewish event supplies! The white cardboard is laminated with a glossy finish that makes it easy to keep clean. It’s also decorated with a festive design featuring the Hebrew phrase “L’Chaim,” meaning “to life. The small size is perfect for gift-wrapping or holding.

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Easy to Ship any Product: L’Chaim Corrugated box is the perfect packaging for Shipping any product. Our Sturdy cardboard can hold a wide variety of items, and our easy-to-use design ensures that your items will be protected during transport. L’Chaim Corrugated Boxes are also eco-Friendly making them the perfect choice for shipping.

Top quality Corrugated Box: At jewFadz we take our quality seriously. All our boxes are made from premium cardboard material and constructed using the latest technologies to provide you with the strongest and most durable boxes possible. We want you to be confident that your products are protected during transport, so you can rest assured that your items are in good hands when you choose L’Chaim Corrugated box.

Easy to fold white box: L’Chaim Corrugated box is a foldable white box that is sturdy and easy to assemble. It is perfect for packing or storing small items and is available in 7.35x6.25x2. The box is made of 100% cardboard and can be recycled again after use.

FLAT STORAGE: The Best way to store your belonging is with this innovative new product is made of corrugated cardboard and offers a flat storage solution that is perfect for any organization looking for an eco-friendly and affordable option. L’Chaim Corrugated box is easy to assemble and can be configured in any number of ways to best suit your needs.

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